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Failure is a part of life. It is one of those things we encounter along our pathways that is inevitable. We cannot avoid it! If we attempt anything worthy in our lives we will encounter it. Each of us fails at some time in our lives. There are no exceptions. The psalmist said, “Don’t look to men for help; their greatest leaders fail” (Ps. 146:3 LB). I’ve had to work my way through failures throughout my lifetime. I have seen individuals and institutions, even churches, have to work their way through failures and on to success. I’ve also seen some of those give up and give in and become failures instead of forging through it. In fact, one of the key ingredients of success is failure. Namely, how we respond to it. Here I want to challenge each reader, individual or collection of individuals, to decide today to forge through the failure you are struggling with!

Edmund Cook asked, “What is failure? It is a spur within the one who receives it right, to make the spirit in him go out and fight. So, if you’ve never failed, it’s an easy guess that you’ll never be a big success.”

We don’t always say the right thing. We often do the wrong thing. We don’t win every game we play. We don’t land every deal we propose. We don’t always hit the ball out of the park. We don’t always score the touchdown. We don’t always make the right decision when parenting. We don’t always make the best choices in our relationships. We don’t always say “yes” or “no” sat the right times. We don’t always make the wise financial decision. The question is, how do we respond when we fail?

We are tempted to hang our heads in the agony of defeat. That is not an option if we want to succeed! Ask God for the grace to keep your head up and apply the lessons learned through the failure and turn it into one of life’s home runs!

When you fail, refuse to think it is ALL your fault. That is assuming way too much responsibility upon yourself. Life is not all about you. The win or the loss is not all about you. The sale or the refusal is not all up to you. We would think it was by the way we view those who are competitors. For example, look at the Florida Gator’s punter, Chas Henry, who was pressed into action to kick field goals for the Florida team in 2010. Against Mississippi State he missed two field goal attempts that could have changed the outcome of the game. Oh my, “Failure” some said.

If he had thought it was all about him, like the press and some fans did, he would have hung his head in shame and felt he was a failure. Instead, he practiced, learned, listened to his mentors, got better, and two weeks later against the Georgia Bulldogs, he kicked an overtime field goal that won the game. He went from the “goat” to the “hero” in two weeks because he did not give in and give up. He forged on through failure to success!

Someone will read this when he or she is tempted to give up, give in, and quit after a failure. Perhaps some group of people will read this and realize God is speaking to you through it and challenging you to forge on through failure to success.  It may not be a game changer for everyone, it may be a life changer for some. It may mean an institutional turn around for others. It is time we remembered that quote from the Apollo 13 movie which was inspired from the lips of a flight dynamics officer who said when considering options at NASA control, “failure was not one of them.” The movie quote turned out to be “Failure is not an option.”

R.C. Halverson said, “Failure is God’s way of consuming the dross so the gold may remain.” Hold your head up and let God turn your failure into a success today. Sometimes the refiner’s fire produces amazing results! It’s your choice. Allow yourself to be flogged by the failure or forge your way through it to God’s reward! Remember in whom success resides! “O Lord, please help us. Save us. Give us success” (Ps. 118:25 LB).

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