About My Ministry

I want to be known as a Bible teacher who knows the truth and tells it with love. Love is the most important Christian grace, but it is not without moral considerations. Thus, the workable balance of the two: truth, and love. All of the materials produced for this ministry, written, audio, and video, will be based on this principle. It is my desire to communicate with individual Christians, church leaders, persons seeking to know God’s truth about a relationship with Him, and others to offer helps that will lead to their salvation, spiritual growth, and personal development.

Through over 47 years of pastoral ministry, counseling, crisis intervention, and caring for others, God has shaped a ministry that He has called me to pursue. It is titled: “Truth: Telling it with Love.” From my childhood I have been taught and believed, and now for decades I have taught that the Bible is God’s divinely inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word, truth with no mixture of error in it. In John 8:32, Jesus taught that, “the truth will set you free.” The Bible contains God’s truth about all relevant life topics.

God wants us to grow up, to know the whole truth and tell it in love—like Christ in everything (Eph. 4:15 The Message). My preaching motto for years was, “The Truth Lovingly Presented.” This ministry has grown out of the experience of telling the truth with love and observing its powerful effect on human lives. This ministry will be set apart from two extremes that I see in the world of Christian expression in the twenty-first century. One is the extreme of all love while ignoring the truth. The other is equally deficient, telling the truth while ignoring Jesus command to love as He loved. This ministry is built on Paul’s words, know the whole truth and tell it in love–like Christ in everything. I want to carefully define my ministry as one that tells God’s truth, but does it with love.


The painting in my logo is by an artist named Kelly O'Neill.

If you appreciate excellence in art and are captivated by works that grip your emotions and proclaim the remarkable truths of God’s Word, you will want to know more about the very compelling art piece that is part of my ministry logo.

Kelly O’Neill is a remarkable young artist who very masterfully depicts the compassion, grace, and redeeming love of Jesus Christ in her painting, “Redeemed.” No painting has so grabbed my emotions and stirred my gratitude to Christ for His redeeming love as this one. Technically unparalleled, inspired, heart-stirring, and mind captivating are words I used upon seeing it for the first time.

Getting to know Kelly and the background of her wonderful work have served as great motivators as I launch out on a new ministry path in my own life. Kelly is also the developer of my website.

I commend her and her work to you and encourage you to visit her website www.TheArtistOfLife.com

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