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  • We overcome because we belong to an Overcomer! He said, “I have overcome the world” (Jn. 16:33 NIV).
  • God will overcome your opponents! “With God on our side like this, how can we lose?” (Rom. 8:31 The Message).
  • Stop resisting to overcome restlessness! “‘Paul! Paul! Why are you persecuting me?’” (Acts 9:4 LB).
  • God’s capabilities overcome our circumstances! “[in the] furnace, our God is able to deliver us” (Dan. 3:17 LB).
  • Opt for your opportunity to overcome! “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” (Eph. 5:16 NLT).
  • Operate by faith and overcome obstacles! “If you have faith…you can do…much more” (Matt. 21:21 LB).
  • Your problem may be troublesome, but it is not a show stopper. “When you pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you” (Isa. 43:2 NIV).

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Others Matter

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Let others matter today! “Loners who care only for themselves spit on the common good” (Prov. 18:1 The Message).

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God Matters

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Let God matter today! [Self-centered people] “say to God, ‘Go away. We want no part of you and your ways’” (Job 21:14 NLT).

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One Secret of Success

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Have you tried to make a sale and failed? Have you tried to talk with your spouse about improving your marriage and failed? Have you tried to find a job and failed? Have you tried to talk with a friend about eternal life and failed?

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A-2 – The Creator and Cause of Church Unity

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What causes unity in a New Testament Church? In a day when there are all kinds of worship styles, models of church growth, contrary religious persuasions, political and theological differences that are pronounced, how can there be a semblance of unity in a congregation? I hear a lot of talk from church members about the disunity in their churches. That is not new. I have been in a family of pastors from my birth. My grandfather, father, and twin brother have all been pastors before me. I have served as a senior pastor for almost five decades. So, I know a good deal about church life. I have been fortunate to have had mostly blessed and peaceful times in the churches where I have served. I had a brief and challenging time in one church where there was sudden and damaging disunity. In any case, I have seen unity at it’s godly best, and I have seen disunity at its grossest and worst. I pray for church members and pastors and leaders to find what we should have known all along – there is a Creator and Cause of church unity.

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365 – From Drudgery to Daring

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How motivated are you? Are you excited that it is Friday morning and it is time to awake and go to work? What was your level of enthusiasm as you heard the alarm clock sound this morning? Many people live life as if it were a drudgery. It is all they can do to force themselves to go to work. They feel as if they are on a treadmill and they wish they could stop it and get off. What will it take to turn things around and turn your feeling of drudgery into a life of daring adventure? Here are three elements that could make the difference in your life.

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Comments Off on 364 – TODAY IS A BIG DAY! 22 August 2014

A lot is made of the “Big Days” in our lives. Some people live for the “Big Days,” when they think something special is going to happen. Sometimes big things are scheduled and people get all excited and make preparations for what they believe is going to be special. We get all excited about the “Big Day” when our football team begins its season. It’s a “big deal” when we anticipate a promotion at work or  raise. We are motivated to get up and go when we think something special is going to occur or that we will see someone who is special to us. But, are we missing the bigness of each day that God gives us life?

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362 – Drop the Baggage!

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LuggageGuilt and the fear of punishment are terrible players on the stages of our minds. When we feel the pangs of a guilty conscience it strikes at the very core of our being. It can lead to serious emotional and even physical illnesses. When we feel guilty, and assuming we are conscious of our mistakes, we fear God and His punishment for our wrongdoing. Many people carry around guilt for what they think are unforgiven sins of the past. That is as foolish as persons attempting to carry around tons of unneeded luggage on every trip they take. You would not carry excess baggage on a trip at today’s airline costs for baggage. Neither should you try to carry around the excess baggage of unforgiven, or what you suspect to be unforgiven, sins in your life. So, what can you do? Will God forgive you?

The answer may surprise you!

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361 – The Timeliness of God’s Blessings

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Do you ever feel that God’s blessings are being delayed? Sometimes we think that we have prayed a long time for something, and it begins to look to the faithless and faltering as if the blessing is never coming. We think we know God’s will about something, and we wait impatiently until the seeming delay causes us to stop asking and then all of a sudden the answer comes – the blessing is received. Let’s talk about the timeliness of God’s blessings because He is never a minute early or a moment late with them. We will look at the story of Jacob and Rachel in the Old Testament for some help understanding this.

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359 – A Healthy View of You

Comments Off on 359 – A Healthy View of You 18 July 2014

Are you self-critical? Perhaps you are your own worst critic. You feel guilty and are harshly judgmental toward yourself. You wonder how anyone, even God, could love you. Since there are many books and other media that suggest ways to build our self-esteem, it may be worth taking a break from them and looking at God’s Word and hearing His truth about how to develop a healthy view of the person who greets you in the mirror each morning. For our times of self-doubt and uncertainty there are some answers. Three aspects of love that relate to this topic will point us to some helpful conclusions that will raise our self-esteem by giving us a God-view of whom we are. The teaching of Jesus is helpful. The Master Teacher said, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments’” (Matt. 22:37–40 NIV). It is clear that Jesus taught that a healthy view of self comes through a healthy view of God and others. It all has to do with the love relationships of our lives.

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The painting in my logo is by an artist named Kelly O'Neill.

If you appreciate excellence in art and are captivated by works that grip your emotions and proclaim the remarkable truths of God’s Word, you will want to know more about the very compelling art piece that is part of my ministry logo.

Kelly O’Neill is a remarkable young artist who very masterfully depicts the compassion, grace, and redeeming love of Jesus Christ in her painting, “Redeemed.” No painting has so grabbed my emotions and stirred my gratitude to Christ for His redeeming love as this one. Technically unparalleled, inspired, heart-stirring, and mind captivating are words I used upon seeing it for the first time.

Getting to know Kelly and the background of her wonderful work have served as great motivators as I launch out on a new ministry path in my own life. Kelly is also the developer of my website.

I commend her and her work to you and encourage you to visit her website www.TheArtistOfLife.com

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