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201 – Steps to a More Satisfying Prayer Life

Comments Off on 201 – Steps to a More Satisfying Prayer Life 28 November 2012

Do you get meaningful answers to your prayers? Are you satisfied with the level of success you are achieving when you pray? If you want to improve the level of productivity in your prayer life and have greater satisfaction in it here are some steps you can take to achieve that. We will look to Hannah as an example of how to pray for something that is the desire of your heart and become completely dependent on God for the answer.

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194 – Taking Thanksgiving Seriously

Comments Off on 194 – Taking Thanksgiving Seriously 19 November 2012

How seriously do you take Thanksgiving Day each year? Do you think of giving thanks at other times of the year? What will this Thursday mean to you? Those are questions that should come to our minds as we approach this special season of the year. Our problem often is that we reserve giving thanks for this time and are negligent about it the rest of the year. Thanksgiving should be translated into thanks living! The Apostle Paul understood that and was inspired of God’s Spirit to write about it in 1 Thess. 5. Ponder these thoughts from Scripture this week and all year through.

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187 – Progressing In Prayer

Comments Off on 187 – Progressing In Prayer 07 November 2012

We should all be honest enough to admit that we are not perfect in the school of prayer. We have plenty of growing room. Prayer is not a subject that you can grasp and conquer overnight. It takes time to pray effectively. I like to think of it as progressing in prayer. It is alright not to be perfect in prayer, but we should be progressing in prayer. That is what God expects of us. With that in mind come with me on a brief journey to discover how you can progress in your prayer life.

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185 – Believing You Will Be Blessed

Comments Off on 185 – Believing You Will Be Blessed 05 November 2012

When you pray, how do you know that God will hear you? Why do you believe God will answer the requests you make of Him? Can you ask God for something and believe you will receive it? Prayer is an important topic because it is the gateway to God and to all that He has planned for us.

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169 – Shortening Our Shopping Lists

Comments Off on 169 – Shortening Our Shopping Lists 12 October 2012

What is on your want list? Most of us have no short number of things we want. When it comes to the holiday season we think about gift giving and receiving. The same is true when we enter our prayer closets. We go there with a list on our minds and in our hearts. Those are our prayer shopping lists. Think of your prayer life. How many things do you ask God for each day? What is the subject of most of your requests? That will tell you a lot about your priorities in life. Rather than being selfishly-inspired, our lists should be Spirit-inspired. Jesus taught us how our requests should sound in the model prayer He gave to us.

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167 – What Can You Ask of God?

Comments Off on 167 – What Can You Ask of God? 10 October 2012

We have important needs in our lives. We want something done to meet them. We want someone to turn to for help. When we look for help we want to check the credentials of the helper. Not a bad idea! So, let’s look at a place and a Person to whom we can turn for any and every need in our lives. And, let’s check His credentials.

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160 – Opting for Optimism by Praying for Others

Comments Off on 160 – Opting for Optimism by Praying for Others 01 October 2012

How would you like to become more optimistic? Many people are pessimistic because they are too self-consumed. It is all about my career, my salary, my retirement plan, my benefits, my wife, my children, my, my, my! The whole world seems like an enemy of a person like that. On the other hand, I have discovered that if you have a growing, mature, and full intercessory prayer ministry you will become a very optimistic and positive person. Let’s look in Philippians 1 at Paul’s counsel to us about how to have a meaningful intercessory prayer plan.

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155 – A Proper Perspective on Prayer

Comments Off on 155 – A Proper Perspective on Prayer 24 September 2012

Do you have a quiet time with God each day? How do you approach that time? How is your relationship with God today? If you want to be near to God and if you want Him to assist in your life, you have to communicate with Him. Prayer is communication with God. It is not intended to be a monologue, but a dialogue. You cannot have a love relationship with anyone without communicating with that one. To love God as we should we must communicate with Him. Here we want to get a proper perspective on how to do that by looking at Daniel’s life.

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149 – Behavior After Blessing

Comments Off on 149 – Behavior After Blessing 14 September 2012

How do you behave after you’ve been blessed? Something trying comes into your life, a need, a shortfall, an illness, a job crisis, a financial crisis; and you immediately call on God for help. After He answers your prayers and gives you blessing, do you just return to business as usual with little or no thought of God or His goodness? We need to learn how to behave after we are blessed. I recall the story of Jesus that reminds us of this. He healed ten lepers and only one foreigner returned to give praise to God. That is the way we are all too often. We receive the blessing and forget to give thanks to the Giver. Let’s explore a story in the Book of Exodus that shows us how to behave after we are blessed.

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138 – Instruction for Intercession

Comments Off on 138 – Instruction for Intercession 30 August 2012

Has anyone recently said to you, “Please pray for me.” Maybe you have wanted to ask someone else to pray for you or a family member. That kind of request comes to me often. When it does I take it seriously. I have a long list of people on my personal prayer list on my iPhone. I pray for each of them daily. There are times when I want someone I trust to pray for a particular need in my life. When that is my need, I am careful to ask someone I think I can count on. I’ve found that you cannot count on everyone who says they’ll pray for you. The Apostle Paul asked people in the churches where he served to (Eph. 6:19 NIV) “Pray also . . . for me . . . ” Prayer is important and being prepared to pray for others or ask for prayer is vital to your spiritual life and growth. Here we want to look at instruction for those who are would-be intercessors and those who need intercession.

If you would be an intercessor, you should be aware of the needs of others. (1 Thess. 5:25 NIV) Brothers and sisters, pray for us. Each of us should feel free to ask other Christians to pray for us. But, ignorance keeps many from being effective intercessors. People are not informed of the needs of those for whom they are trying to pray. Generalization has no place in Spirit-filled prayer. We should have a great enough interest in the person needing the prayer to ask and be sure we know what we are to pray for. Conversely, if we are asking for prayer we should inform the person being asked of our need. Specificity in prayer achieves greater results. It is not that God needs to know the needs, for He already does. But, we need to know and pray for those needs so when they are met we can give God the glory and know He has answered the petition we have asked. We all should be praying for the leaders of our government. We know what those needs are. Listen to the news, drive up to a gas pump, check the weather. There are plenty of needs. Pray as the national election time approaches. Pray and vote your convictions! We also need to pray for God’s people everywhere. And, we need to pray for those in the church we attend and in the small groups we are a part of. We are to pray for lost people we know! We are also to pray for our enemies. There are a lot of interests in and needs for prayer, and they are our responsibility. Be aware!

If you would be an intercessor, you should be accepted as one of integrity with God and others. (Ps. 41:12 NIV) Because of my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever. It is important to have a clear conscience when you intercede for others. If there is unconfessed sin in your life, confess it! It is presumptuous to ask to pray for others when you have impure motives for asking. If your love for Christ and for others is genuine it will show! Offer to pray for others when you feel like your lifestyle is pleasing to God. The writer in Hebrews said, (Heb. 13:18 NIV) Pray for us. We are sure that we have a clear conscience and desire to live honorably in every way. He had integrity with God, and he had a safe reputation with others. Seek others of integrity to pray for you.

If you would be an intercessor, you should be assured of your influence with God. If you are asking another to pray for you be assured of their influence with God as well. (Heb. 13:19 NIV) I particularly urge you to pray so that I may be restored to you soon. The writer was assured that God would hear the prayers of the people for his restored fellowship with them. You have to expect answers to be effective in prayer. So, both you and others you are asking to pray for you should be assured of that influence with Him.

If you would be an intercessor, you should be acting intentionally to grow in your Christian walk. Your life should be an exhibit of good works and a good walk. In the Hebrews passage, the writer said, (Heb. 13:21 NIV)  [May God] equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him . . . “ The ultimate goal of each prayer should be that the intercessor and the one interceded for should be growing in their faith and walk.

Just in case someone asks for your prayers today, or if you have a need for prayer, I am reminded that we all need to hear Solomon who said, (Prov. 8:33 NIV) Listen to my instruction and be wise; do not disregard it. If we listen to God’s instruction for intercessors we will be fruitful intercessors!

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