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360 – The Road to Results

Comments Off on 360 – The Road to Results 25 July 2014

The society we live in is results oriented. Educational standards require results. Corporations require results. Investors demand results. Voters want results! People with medical needs plead for results! Since that is true, what can we to do insure that we are on the road to achieving good results in our lives? Let me suggest some steps you can take along the road to results you can live with.

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Brad's Briefs - Motivation, Personal Growth, Truth for Today

358 – The Daring Determine the Day

Comments Off on 358 – The Daring Determine the Day 11 July 2014

Who will determine the day where you live and work? Wherever you are there will be challenges to face. It may be the challenge of meeting and impressing a new client. It may be the challenge of being flexible to fit into a new system. It may be the challenge to close an important deal. It may be the challenge of grabbing the attention of a new audience. It may be the challenge of managing a group of people who are divided and need direction. We all face challenges. Here is something I have learned over several decades of practicing leadership: What we do with the challenge today will determine how we view the outcome tomorrow. There is only one way to face a challenge and that is head on. The way we deal with challenges will determine how we face life and how we live with our circumstances for the rest of our lives. Virgil said, “Fortune sides with him who dares.” If you want to like the outcome of dealing with the challenges you face today, you must be daring! I want to use that word to help us dare to determine the day. It is far better to dare to determine the day than to be observers as others determine it for us.

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357 – What Can You Do to Save a Sinking Nation?

Comments Off on 357 – What Can You Do to Save a Sinking Nation? 04 July 2014

We live in a day when our nation is being called into question on many fronts. We have come into disrepute among foreign powers so that we are sinking in our international standing. We are sinking morally with decisions being made in courts that are contrary to the teaching of God’s Word. We are sinking economically as we wade our way through the longest recession in our history. We are sinking politically as extremists are calculating how many gains they can make before they are no longer tolerated by a wiser American public than they had anticipated. We need to lift our beloved America up in prayer. It is our responsibility to pray for our nation daily. But, can we do more? Yes, we can! America is not perfect, but I love America. I was born in America. I was educated in America. I was married in America. I have participated in creating two lives through my marriage in America. I have five wonderful grandchildren in America. I have served in America’s military. I love America! But, our America needs to be saved from sinking! You may think you are only one person, so what difference can you make? Think of the individuals God used to save His people in the Bible: David as he slew Goliath, Shamgar who killed thousands of Philistines, Esther who interceded with the king on behalf of her people, Jonah who preached the message of salvation to Nineveh. God can use you and me, if we are willing. Here are some things we need to be doing to save America from sinking:

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356 – Sulk or Surrender

Comments Off on 356 – Sulk or Surrender 26 June 2014

We live in the age of the “Do-it-Yourself-er.” Look at the popular TV networks, the ever noticeable businesses that promote your being a person who is willing to “Do-it-Yourself.” In the face of the self-glorifying philosophy of the new century if is difficult to get people to think in terms of surrendering to God in anything. Most people think they know best. Oh, they may not be arrogant enough to come right out and say so, but they are thinking, “I’ll get this done my way.” We need to be reminded of a man in the Bible who wanted to be healed. He wanted God to heal him in the manner in which he desired to be healed. It was not just a matter of healing, but of “healing his way.” He didn’t accept the prescription of the Divine Physician at first. He didn’t accept that God knew best. He had his own plan. There is a happy ending to the story and it will instruct us as we consider it. This story is of a man named Naaman. It was included in Scripture in 2 Kings 5:11ff.

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355 – Our Great Giver

Comments Off on 355 – Our Great Giver 20 June 2014

Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? From the preschooler who receives a stuffed animal to a child who receives a Sony PS4, Nintendo 3DS, a Nintendo wii u, or an Xbox 1, to a grandmother who receives her grandchild’s hand picked gift just for her, receiving gifts is very special. By the way, I am somewhat knowledgeable of the latest devices, but I checked the list above by my grandson Evans to be sure I knew what I was talking about. Everyone loves to “get” a gift. Behind all of those gifts there must be a willing giver. Every Christian has a Great Giver in our loving heavenly Father. When we think of our needs, we need to remember what kind of Giver He is and what kind of gifts He gives.

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354 – Principles for Growth

Comments Off on 354 – Principles for Growth 13 June 2014

God does not intend for us to remain unchanged from birth to death. We are in a process of perishing physically, but we are made to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically from birth to maturity. God is watching our level of growth, and He is pleased when we are growing. That is His purpose for each of us. How much have you grown in these areas we have just observed? How are you different today than you were a year ago? Since growth is in God’s plan for you, here are some principles that will assist you on your way!

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353 – Four “R’s” To Rouse You!

Comments Off on 353 – Four “R’s” To Rouse You! 06 June 2014

Do you feel like you have plateaued? Maybe you are in one of those treadmill experiences of life when you feel you are moving but getting nowhere. You want to stretch yourself up higher and reach your full potential. You want to feel you are going upward on a progression toward the best God made you to be. But, you feel as if you are destined to mediocrity. Here are four “R’s” to rouse you from the lethargy and stir you to step on to the stage as a maximum achiever.

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352 – Help with Handling Hurts

Comments Off on 352 – Help with Handling Hurts 30 May 2014

Each of us sooner or later experiences some of life’s hurts. There are mental and emotional hurts, physical hurts, financial hurts and more. Sometimes we just have a bad day at work. Sometimes we experience a broken relationship with a spouse, child, friend, business partner. We can look at our check books and be hurt these days with rising fuel costs and inflationary influences around us. Maybe you are like some of us who are still among the unemployed in the country today. Sometimes we will have disturbing news from a physician while trying to deal with a physical hurt. In moments when we hurt where can we obtain help? There is a Helper who will help us handle your hurts. His name is Jesus. He has an intense interest in everything that is going on in our lives. Here is a story that will teach us how He will help us with our hurts. It is in Matt. 14:14ff. In it we learn some important aspects of Jesus process of helping us handle our hurts: Continue Reading

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351 – Authority in the Church

Comments Off on 351 – Authority in the Church 23 May 2014

Who is the one with whom ultimate authority in the church rests? I have taught and practiced through 46 years of ministry that all authority in the church rests with Jesus Christ. It is a question more and more debated in local churches today. There is a great deal of practical violation of the principle this article is based upon. It is easy to give lip device to the statement, “Jesus is Lord.” People do that and fight for preeminence in the church at the same time. Those in Colossae decided Christ was not the living, victorious Savior to whom all authority in heaven and on the earth was given (Matt. 28:18-20). Paul addressed the issue in Colossae with these words: “And he is the head of the body, the church” (Col. 1:18 NIV). Paul gave us some important truths about Christ’s authority. He is the only rightful Lord. Learn with me that Jesus has preeminence in the church because:

1. He is the authentic God – “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation” (Col. 1:15 NLT). In order for God to be known by man He had to make Himself visible to us. Jesus became the same God of heaven in the flesh so we could know Him. We cannot comprehend God by natural means. Paul said that God gave us a perfect representation of Himself in Jesus. He was God in the flesh. Jesus was not a copy. He always has been, is, and always will be God. He is the visible presentation of the invisible God. Jesus is first in priority in life and in the church because He was in the beginning with God and was God (Jn. 1:1-3).

2. He is the Author of all things – “For through him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see— such as thrones, kingdoms, rulers, and authorities in the unseen world. Everything was created through him and for him” (Col. 1:16 NLT). God in Christ created all things, and is creating each life that is formed in the womb today. Each new life is His creation. Thus our fight for the sanctity of human life. Jesus’ creative powers caused the world to be formed and human life to come into the picture. Jesus is the most logical, rational, reasonable explanation of the origin of all things. “Through him God created everything.”

3. He is the adhesive of life – He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together” (Col. 1:17 NLT). God created all things by His Son, and He is the one who is the glue that holds it all together. Without Him it would all fly apart. The law of gravity would not work without Him. Water would not be the perfect mix of hydrogen and oxygen were it not for HIm. The two would mix to cause a great combustion. Jesus is the One who enabled us to place a man on the moon. He is the One who allows us to have greater dominion by probing the outer reaches of this universe and what is beyond. We are emotional, volitional, spiritual people. We would fall apart in those areas if it were not for the presence of Christ’s glue in our lives. Churches fall apart when Christ is not allowed to be Lord, and individuals fight for preeminence. Families become fragmented when He is not the authority in the home. In each sphere we stay together only when we allow Jesus to hold us together.

4. He is the authority in the church – Christ is also the head of the church, which is his body. He is the beginning, supreme over all who rise from the dead. So he is first in everything” (Col. 1:18 NLT). When a church is fighting Jesus is not first. Jesus proved He has the power over all things, including the grave. So, Paul declared He is the head of the church. We are twice His – by creation and by redemption. He has the right to be Lord over His church. He is the Source of our human lives and of our life in His body–the church. He has all authority and He is our Authority. It is Christ who gives direction and sustaining power to the church. The church is a body. In the church I pastored for over 25 years, we called ourselves “The People’s Church.” Other churches do the same. We meant by that Christ was the Head of the church and the people were the body parts who made up the ministry through the body. It is clear to me that the church belongs to Christ, and that the ministry belongs to the people. In that church I led the people to look for and adopt God’s vision for His church, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Christ’s life through each member gives the church her life. If a church is to survive in today’s world the people must function like a body acting on the authority of their Head–Jesus Christ.

5. He is all we need – For God in all his fullness was pleased to live in Christ” (Col. 1:19 NLT). An individual, a family,a church, an organization cannot be complete without Christ. He is the completer of all things. Whatever we need we find in Christ. He is our door into opportunities, our deliver when we are entrapped, our defender when we are attacked, our designer when we need a new plan, our deployer for service in His kingdom.

In every sphere Jesus has all authority! Respect that and reap a reward!

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350 – Improve Your Play Today

Comments Off on 350 – Improve Your Play Today 16 May 2014

Every great athlete has to be committed to improvement. As you make your way toward success in any area of your life your underlying thought must be, “How can I improve?” I love woodworking. In each case when I have done a project I have pursued excellence in what I was doing. It is primarily because I love the finished product. It amazes me how much improved the final project usually is than the originally attempted model. It should be the same in our lives. Tuesday’s product at day’s end should be an improvement over Monday’s. So, how can we continue to improve in our quest to be our best? I didn’t say, “the best,” I said “our best!” Here are three tips for our self-improvement.

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